How would the new sunken sword be used in pvp?

as the title implies, give me all your 200iq meta ideas.

im not too sure but maybe something like use the ability(which makes u rise up in the air)when ur opponent uses a placed explosion and conterattack with a blast/beam

spam magic jumps, sunken sword, great spin and be all toxic ez

vet reducing startup speed for great spin and giving it a longer cd so the sunken sword will come in handy

Be full tank and melee. Get in as close as possible. The sunken ability is to escape a self explosion. Any magic comboing with bleed will be useful.

That’s my imagination on this topic

It’s going to be so meta, and we’re all going to hate it because none of us will have it. You high jump reaaal close to the enemies and keep magic jumping around them, and usually they fuck up. Fuck up means cast a spell, whether it is aoe or projectile. A projectile is unlikely to hit, due to the fact that you’re jumping around them like a mad man, and an aoe is gonna get them countered to hell and back.

Now, you might ask, what’s the counter to this bullshit?
Don’t do anything. Let them waste their magic energy jumping around you, trying to bait you, and then slap them once they’re recharging.

Here’s where the sunken sword comes. Now they can get free damage on you if you don’t respond, in the form of Rising Tides. It’s like a great spin, but it’s also a high jump, so you’re hard as fuck to hit when using it. And for bonus points, it gives you high ground advantage after you use it, so you might even get a cheeky counter in on your opponent.

Counter meta with this shit is gonna be so cancer, but it is what it is.

Gold self explosion with full magic size build would like you know your location.


Its pretty much if you had no end lag on an explosion and could mana jump. probably the best play is to rush use a self hit them in which they probably blocked then use the sword to do more damage and escape. Also… stalling… lots and lots of … stalling

Could be used as a fancy way to use combos, use the special move and use another move right after, preferrably a placed explosion.

I thinking of it like a T jump that does damage.

Would be interesting tbf.

Lost magic spell: Recoil jump
pretty much this… but in sword form…

Could be used to gain high ground. People tend to spend a lot of magic energy on jumps to get above you. Using Rising Tide can nab you the height advantage while dealing damage at the same time

wow ok I’m officially an Asian with lower than 100iq for not thinking any of these

It is like a self pillar explosion but also a magic jump so you could damage the enemy and throw something from above