How would you fix super-speed?

So, superspeed in fiction is either absolutely broken, or most of its applications are glossed over, or its actual drawbacks can be implemented making it pretty much useless…

The question is how YOU would write speed to make it fun and cool and unique but not too unrealistic.

We good?


Time to make it unfun:
Super-speed patch notes v1.1

  • Added air resistance

Anyway, I would add the limitation of getting exhausted and place it in a new range for whenever you actually use this power. For example, you can go at half of your maximum and feel like you were going for a jog, but you can go full-on and feel like you’re sprinting normally. But, you can also run normally and feel as exhausted as normal

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  • feels like you hit a brick wall
  • when you breathe, itll probably just zip right through the back of your mouth. no more breathable air :D
  • youll probably peel all your flesh off
  • gonna lose ur eyes
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i wrote so much when i realized what ultimate said was the one thing to fix it (not air resistance).

anyways, the things to fix it is to just have the user be extremely ripped, have high energy before exhaustion and high “oxygen capacity”, the only way it could be fixed is to upgrade the user itself. and can’t forget just wearing armor.

You’re only 2-3 times faster than a normal person.

You gotta go beyond supersonic for that, mate.

Idk superspeed should technically allows you to speed up body processes (I.E: regeneration) so that is a thing.

You could also use it on plants to instantly grow trees or humans/ animals to make mutants composed out of tumors and flesh

not op, but still very useful

same thing with telekinesis, how do you lose a fight to a normal person when you can instantly restrain them?
answer: you make your characters dumb as fuck
i dont see how you can ever lose a fight when someone throws a punch at you and you have enough time to get 8 hours of sleep in before it lands

Telekinesis is often strapped with a “no organic matter” restraint.

A restraint like that has a loooot of easily abusable loopholes, and in the end it just comes down to “no don’t do this” instead of an actual barrier

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if you dont add that to telekinesis the person using it would be able to solo almost everything on earth with it because they can just instantly kill anyone whenever they fucking please

and even with that limitation you can still kill anyone you want by just taking a rock or something and using it as a bullet with your tk

Super speed balancing update:

added physics

good game lmao

depends on speed

you just instantly die when you run ez :star_struck:

Simple : ya don’t

It’s beyond my capabilities anyhow.

make it like 4x the speed of Usain bolts top speed but have air resistance. What i mean is if you run for too long you will get a migraine. And i guess stamina like you run a distance you will be tired LIKE RUNNING NORMALLY.

the flash’s heart explodes :skull:

No more flash!!