How you think potion or food ingredients taste like

This thought just randomly came up in my head so im asking what you think stuff like catalysts, fish, herbs etc would taste like.

i think the fish tastes like fish

cursed mushrooms probably like weed
everice feels like it’d be sweet for some reason

bad like REALLY bad we don’t use any salt or seasoning in any meal we make
( we can put rock salt in so it means if you don’t put any you are not eating it with any salt)

random ass fish :yum:

man this insanity 3+ potion ain’t shit

i think everice would burn your mouth actually

growth sap would probably be somewhat sweet, but probably also a bit earthy
black shards would probably be salty and earthy

skyfire blooms would taste like pain

I want to eat a narwhale horn

seaweed tastes like seaweed

Auric seaweed is just the premium quality with the same taste

its the way you go to the market and get baguette then you go to a fancy french restaurant and get a fancy baguette

burning potion tastes like chilli
freezing potion tastes like icecream
poison potion tastes like rat poison

also im not sure if i can say how interchange potion tastes like…

OOOOOHHHH I love this question!!! Admittedly, I have thought about this topic for far too many times while developing for my own AO characters…

  1. My headcanon is that giant greencaps have a texture similar to puffball mushroom spliced with the flavours of king oyster mushrooms, they’d probably taste best roasted or grilled… while orange swiftcaps resemble chicken of the woods in both taste and texture. Common white and brown mushrooms are most likely button and portobello mushrooms.

  2. Shark meat definitely STINKS, their meat reeks of ammonia and magic pollution, texture-wise it’s probably tough and dry. Overall, a much less desirable version of swordfishes, which aren’t really that great to begin with.

  3. Sky variants of fruits are generally sweeter and of better quality than the land variants, some fruits taste sweeter when they’re grown in higher altitudes and I’d like to apply that here.

  4. Pink apples have a much more potent floral fragrance and nectar-like sweetness to it, almost sickeningly sugary compared to regular apples. Golden apples have a brittle caramel-like skin when you bite into it, kind of like a naturally-occurring candy apple.

  5. Askew roots taste like liquorice and Chinese medicine. Everice tastes like dry ice, flavourless yet it’s so cold that it burns. Amphibious bloom tastes like some herby and slightly salty agar-agar. Lifebloom is very fragrant and pleasantly sweet, almost like the flower equivalent of pandan leaves, though it is much milder and easily overpowered by other ingredients.

I have yapped too much, so I will leave it here :slight_smile:

like this i’d imagine