How's knight doing?

oh it got unlisted lmao :skull:

Alr in all fairness here are my take on Knight

It’s no difference from your average warrior except the moveset are quite limited. As of right now it’s literally THE stat check build, someone can just equip an ardent bow + resistance amulet and play like an Automated Turret in those military fictions

Spirit weapons, something I failed to even imagine how will they stand out from the current Trinity

  • Magic - Ranged
  • Fighting Styles - Melee
  • Weapons - Versatility

so in the future Knight build will either double down on its statcheck nature or mimicking something already came before

As a vitality build, you’ll have to invest in power to make up for the damage loss, thus draining your sub-stat pool while taking increased damage from Armor Piercing, so you’ll have to even invest in regeneration to make up for it. Vitality as a whole is in a strange spot right now

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Me when I’m going to relax in my nice cool sub-stat pool, only to realize the local vitality miscreant has drained it.

I’ve been chilling on 142 Vit and 130 Weps and i’m doing fine thus far.

The bounty npcs in Nimbus hurt a bit tho. But i’m hoping the Vitality items and regen getting fixed will help out on that front.

As someone who has been actively pvping with both 40% and 60% vitality knight since 1.11, I can say that knight is not at all bad. If you aren’t a size or speed crutch, you can still very much compete with the stronger classes. My damage isnt even bad either, i do about 230 ish damage on my piercing gale with about 90 power while having 2.7k HP. After pvping against every class and most stat builds this update I can say that knight barely got any worse and is far from being bad.