Hydration Check

You. Go drink some water. Now.
Even if you don’t feel thirsty, you should drink some water.


does sucking lemon juice out of lemons count
since im doing that rn


so thats why i havent felt side effects of thirst even tho i never drink water
since i eat so much citrus fruit

Citrus fruit is more hydrating than water.
Just have to watch out for the indigestible fiber which can be avoided with a good juicer (if you got that kind of money :frowning:)

uhhhhhhhhhhh what
i just eat them and spit out seed
oh no

eh. been clearing out oranges since i was a kid.
when I eat oranges, I finish everything inside the orange except the shell(?)

like I leave the inside completely white and empty

Even the seeds? lol jk

nah, i spit out the seeds usually
sometimes i accidentally chew them, but only one seed every once in a while won’t kill
i mean i’m not dead yet so obv not lol

what happens if i don’t drink water

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There is still juice, milk, and blood.

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You become dehydrated and I will be sad
Please go drink

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thank you vik.

you saved my day.

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Happy to help! Make sure to always stay hydrated

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thank you

fuck you dumbass. i wont let me be pressured into taking care of myself ever again

this is a joke please dont sue me you are a cool person