Hyper Realistic temperature based on Colours

Hyper Realistic temperature based on Colours
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Some people are really going to hate me for this, but here we go.


In real life, the colour white reflects heat and the colour black absorbs heat. Colours in between do a variety, with more earthy tones being better for hot areas.

I propose that if your armour is white or an earthy tone it is harder to become very hot, so it would be better for combat in areas like Sameria. It would also be better for combat against heat based enemies. (Thermo Fist users, Iris, etc.)

On the flip side, darker colours (such as black or grey) would make it easier to gain heat so would be better for combat in colder areas/ against cold-based enemies. (Sailor style users, ice/water mages etc.)

Honestly, this probably isn’t going to get added but I AO already has so many ridiculous features, so I thought why not.


I’d say yes, however the issue i have with this is if it is affected by vanity or not, cuz if at lvl 200 for example you can obtain gear catered towards these effects (so heat resistant armor, which will have a lighter look. or frost resistant armor, which will have a darker look) while not being affected by vanity i’m all for it.
Another issue is if it is based on colour, or an armor set with these colour themes. Because coding this while basing it on colour is gonna be hella annoying, probably also gonna be a source of multiple bugs.
Another thing is that there’d probably have to be new stats (perhaps heat and cold resistance or smth)

So if it’s gonna be based on colour, I’d lean towards the ‘no’ answer
But if it’s gonna be based on armour with the colour theme, I’d say hell yes

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No. I don’t want to have to change my drip just to survive in a hot or cold area (a mechanic that I already dislike, but it’s understandable) not to mention the advantage on heat based fighting abilities people use, which creates a very stupid meta on the way you look. Vanity is in the name vanity. It shouldn’t have an effect on your gameplay in the slightest. Even if it was stat items that determine the colors. it would still be annoying as no one would care about what color they were, as we just want stat item for stat purposes.


G.N and A.S mfs dying for absolutely no reason when they go certain places:

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Dude it’s a Lego game please calm down :sob:

dyeing armor has entered the chat

What would be the merit to adding this, besides immersion for immersion’s sake? I feel like it would be a mechanic that people aren’t going to bother working around, since it’s highy inconvenient to build light/dark armor sets and switch between them depending on what kind of enemy you encounter/where you are. Hence all a player would get from this is a pretty arbitrary array of buffs/debuffs that they won’t want to go through the bother of addressing.

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