Hypothetical WoM situation (Very based)

Very based tweets :+1:
Ok so if when TGR finally comes and this is true and you become uh lvl 1000 idk or something like that what would you do first when you reach X high lvl? (Apart from destroying and killing everything you see)
Or do you think this is a mistake and shouldn’t be done and let WoM just have its normal 90 cap and normal stuff?
I mean if this comes what i wanna do is test everything it has and do like 1000 diferent spells but maybe someone wants to do a super strong ppl guild or idk?
(Btw its kinda meme topic)

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People have posted about this a million times


remove the cap. if i want to dedicate my life to becoming level 10000 then you cant fucking stop me

If vetex removes the cap i bet the game would be so much more replayable and enjoyable since at that point itd be a big magic sandbox game (even moreso than it is right now)


There’d have to be a few things in place to prevent complete madness like:

  • PvP level increments (50-100, 100-250, 250-500, etc.)
  • Magic Council Majors returned

Id hope there would be atleast a couple new items (like cooy paste amulets) for higher level stat boosts

i dont think so bc well haha WoM dead game the thing it would be cool to add is also remove forging lvl cap so it always boosts for its lvl

Im pretty sure vetex still has the five gem amulet model from AA, and considering how modular he mustve made items its not that big of a stretch (itd only take at most 15 minutes to do)

Sure, Don’t think it’s that simple.

Have you seen how fast vetex programs? 15 minutes is a very reasonable amount of time for each amulet (most of the time would just be retexturing), plus itd increase quality of life for the game by a lot.

I wouldn’t know :man_shrugging:

or vetex should just raise it to where you can make your flight spell an ultimate art (highest level spell type and yeah yk), basically he should raise it to where you have access to every spell type, placed or self, amount, shape, ultimate art, explosion size and blast size for the spell, all of that, but not raise it to level 5k it would be stupid and too easy and will probably get boring after a little while, it’s a 50/50 kinda, because like bruh level 5k?! you can literally blow up summer hold with one ultimate art explosion spell, but my frames? they are literally going to vanish, but hey, what i like to say is ‘’ we take it as it come’’ it would be fun but also boring idk, anyways that was what i wanted to say, have fun!

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so to have all of that, it would be a level 250 cap (because ultimate arts unlock 100 levels over spells, and flight unlocks at 150)

(unless vetex makes them all unlock automatically/very early idk)

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well the game is supposed to be just there is not gonna get balanced vetex already gave up on it

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