I am a Fish Merchant

Buying Rare, Exotic, and Legendary fish for 75-100% of its value with crowns so you get more rather than only gaining 25% from Shop Owners.

In-Game Name: NeoXilver
Discord: NeoXilver#6592

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75… to 100% of its value?
just offer 30-50% and people will be fine with it
don’t overpay

SHHHHHHHHHHHH manaananannaan smh.

No need considering I farm max crowns in under 10-20 minutes. It’s a win win for everyone.

that sounds hellishly suspicious

When you play as much as me, you find the most dumbest ways to farm crowns extremely fast.


damn dude now i’m just curious

You’re like me, Id rather have rare fish than crowns. I have like 4 legendary and 20 exotics +

Meh, I just reward people for their hard work.

ima be fishing later so :man_shrugging: maybe i’ll find something cool

Do you use a chest route? or how do you get max so quick?

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