I am confusion pls help

Ok so some people said that there are second magics, and there are even some teirlist on the combos, now bear with me, I have the IQ of an earthworm, so can someone tell me the source of the conformation of second magics, unless the guy that did the “190 combinations tier list” was makin a joke, I might’ve been bamboozled.

vetex said it somewhere on his discord, idk where though, we do know 2nd minds are confirmed in tgr

ok why is it not on trello tho?

Vetex keepin secrets

its part of the story, is it not?

I mean it says story, but nothing related to second minds themselves

I see your point, but, let’s take for example, it’s predecessor, Arcane Adventures, getting your 2nd mind was apart of storyline progression, after defeating major threats to the first sea on Doom Island, Savaria, and Cumulus Island, meaning yes, second minds should be apart of this storyline part of the list, eventually. Only reason I’d say he hasn’t put the entire list there yet is because it could potentially spoil the story.

Thats a very good point, but in AA the second magic would be earned about level 120-180

True, that is one point of reasoning.

whatever happens, happens I guess

The confirmation for second magic in TGR is this message on vetcord.


if Vetex wants AO to be filled with content, 2nd Magic is kinda required

I like to predict that AO will get a Level 250 Cap like how AA is rn

if its actually 250, TGR gonna take another year added to the current dev timer lol


(why is the bot saying it needs to be sentences smh)

Sometimes Vetex won’t put things onto the To Do list but will put them on the patch notes. Like the v1.5 Finalisation thing right now which is random adjustments and bug fixes.

second magic was already on long term roadmap before tgr was announced for a long time vetex just moved it ahead or maybe is adding it in another future update

Second magics were a part of the cannon as well as third magics for a very long time (back in AA)

ah thanks

I didn’t expect Lost Spells and Second Magics to come in the same update

when did vetex say he’s adding second magics this update?

My apologies, I misread.