I am dissapointed. >:((

“How can you do this? This is outrageous, it isn’t fair”

Oof das big sad

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Hey, children are really expensive! You can’t just get a child from a random smuggler, you know. They’re light weight so they can work on factories, they are more easily persuaded than adults, and their smooth silky skin and hair makes for good clothing and wigs.

Peasant as you are, I doubt you have the right connections to get one, anyway. I’d advise you get close to someone rich.

Happy travels!



Very :frcryin:

Selling Salore kids for slaves only for 10K Crowns :wink:

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it doesn’t add up
fuckin’ kidnapped vista kids in cages if wanted smugglers ever get their own structure

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“how can you be a smuggler but not sell children?”

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He has a point right there, I want my child

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We are asking the real questions!

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Guess I will just have to sell them, myself…


“allow this to be sold lightly the magic council does not”

Sir, you have yourself a deal.


good so 50 rusty cans is enough

this thread concerns me

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lol i grow my own children using child trees :sunglasses:

this concerns me

This seems normal

I don’t know whether to laugh or call the magic council