I am going to say something dumb (to followers I somehow obtained)

shoutout to my first 6 followers who jumped in my notifications, you are now witnessing me being a dumb mf

did you know I’m sexy


Handsy Tobi
So you have chosen death.

btw I didn’t know you were sexy, I always knew you were sexy… :flushed:


if this gets out of hand im out :fr:

it’ll only get out of hand bc I’m too :sparkles: sexy :sparkles:

tfw the follow feature now includes notifying all your comments too

tobi do u want to be my partner in crime?

im very lonely rn

yes ok join me sir

Just found out i can disable notifications for comments, get fucked

lol, tobis probably going to comment blow me

Feck,I want to join soo badly but I got an exam that I am studying for.

oh ok thats fine ill just go solo. good luck on your exam!!!

Thanks. Hope you have fun. :heart:

I freakin love jailbreak with friends, AND NEW UPDATE. Dam, I wish I studied earlier. Sorry about that.

make that 7.

and yes I was aware.

prove it

:eye: :lips: :eye: :sparkles:

I did not know this info, I have been enlightened.

pov: you followed me


(screenshot from jtn)

Im probably will regret but meh