I am here now

My ever-growing need to consume more AO content has finally taken over, so I decided it’s time to make a post. So hi :wave: . If anyone has suggestions on what topics to check out on the forum please let me know. Or just say hi :smile: .

Be sure to look at the reminders for AO stuff cause those have basically every leak since the beginning of aos existence, sure it’s 18k messages riddled with arguments and such but it’s still worth skimming

around 17k messages of arguments and a bit less than 1k of actually useful stuff

Nice, another donator

Haven’t seen one of those since the DarkLord

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: what might this mean?

idk whether I can discuss specific moderator actions

But anyway, I have only ever seen two donators

First one was a guy called DarkLordDurza. He got banned one time and mad over the $5 he spent getting donator. Did some… illegal things as a result and yeah, he’s gone.
I called him the DarkLord as a joke since it sounds like Voldemort.

Second guy is you :)


I hope I can put Donators in a better light :nod:


take your sleep meds like a good boy

I have nothing against donators. It was just the guy in general (although he was somewhat chill until his ban).

hi welcome to hell hope you hate your time here :heart:

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I REFUSE! It was all a ruse I never sleep :sunglasses:

I mean there’s always the reminders thread. We’ve almost filled a second one by now lol. There’s a few dumb fun ones. But whatever you do do not question the supremacy of equinox magic in my presence. God I love equinox magic.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: a bit ominous but okay :nod:

equinox magic isn’t ominous at all. It is beautiful

I would need evidence to be backing up that claim. :mariomug:

mmm pretty

You are correct and are therefore my god now. I will never question you again. :nod:


Something about showing me the ways of a forumer and such. I wouldn’t look into it too much :mariomug:

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Reminders for AO
And check the exploring category in game discussion for The Odyssey Feed, a newspaper that comes out every few hundred years that talks about the latest patch notes and some other stuff.