I am just gonna say it [RANT]

This Noble bait shit is stupid stop posting about Noble it’s just a clan who do some so called “weird” shit. Sure some of it is just for bait but I’ve seen other clans ahem Doge Nation (World of Magic) who has done so much that it makes Noble look like a saint
thanks for reading my rant :3

Noble bait is lame in comparison to a lot of stuff ive seen ingame tbh.

Like furry clans with literal cropped porn jpegs as their banner.

hm why do you know what those are :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

you havent seen the munera thugs yet

I don’t get why you’re antagonizing me when it’s pretty easy to see someone who’s in a furry clan in the player list.

and it’s even easier to see what their banner is.

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its just a joke

Cropped porn is yknow
pretty obvious even if you’ve never seen the source material.