I am kinda annoyed

okay so as some may know, i am a negativ rep player,
well there is another, something something bandit (idk the name)
across everyone on the server, there are others with more rep, and i get hunted twice, within 10 minutes, isn’t the cooldown 5 minutes (it was just the ammount of time it took me to get from ravanna to ceruno)
i… dont like this, I feel like it should be increased (I was thinking somewhere within the 30 minute range) so you cant get bounty hunted the moment after being executed

the reason they instantly bounty hunted you is the bounty hunt timer counts while in prison

5 minutes out of the prison cell :clap:
that is engaging gameplay

(i assume that you mean to slightly suggest bounty timer shouldn’t count in the prison)

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i went from 104k bounty to 94k bounty

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