I am looking for a guild

Hi! I am looking for a guild that can help learn to fight and help me grow my skills. I am reletivily decent but not great. I am a lightning element. I am a balanced build of power and defense. I have all the drops from bosses.

If you are looking for new members for a guild then dm me at Homer#1037. Dming me is the best/efficient way to reach me.

Thank you.

Guilds dead


Guild community is dead, wait for AO.

verbatim: guilds dead

we dont exist, dont search for us :sleeper:

guilds are myths

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join suncry :fr:

You could always try Noble, I’ve heard that they win alot.

In all seriousness you could join naval.

would honestly like to join noble in ao if they let me in :fr:

Same here :frpensive:

abandon wom

abandon wom

Noble losing lmakamalas saanNzshsisoajanabdbdndjekk

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