I am new and have a question

so i have started the game recently and i have already got to lvl 60, and i dont know anything about guild and what they are can someone answer?

pretty sure you can read about it in the guild card on the trello. They haven’t been added in yet, they are nonexistent within the game.

ok thanks i have the trello and i will find it

trello, and this shit

hey my guy i’ve noticed you’re creating a lot of topics really fast
i’d suggest just going to the trello or asking the discord some of these questions for fast and simple responses, since most of these posts are easy to answer with a single sentence or paragraph and don’t really have much to discuss.

ok where do i get the link for discord

social links do not show up for me

are you on the about page?

nvm i found out how to get on thanks

You can look for guild recruitment at guild advertising in this forums, it’s cool, but if you’re pvp like player, it’s recommended to wait till guilds update and when clashing becomes a thing, all the clans are for social, which annoys me by 100%