Hello, I was scrolling on YouTube then I found one of my old clan members getting destroyed by a level 53.

Here is the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28ykIJlQx3c

Anyways after seeing my clan member getting rekted in a fight. The person I grinded and fought with, I wasn’t going to let this slide.

Now I am on a quest to be the most evil Arcane Odyssey player, doing all means to get revenge!

My username is CatStrikers go and try stop me if you can >:)


My Evil Goals

50 counts of killing low levels
25 counts of sinking low levels ships
15 counts of low level infamy farming
5 counts of assassinating people


Didn’t Crimson Crescent straight up disband and get abandoned but not the clan itself cuz the leader got burnt out or something after being hated on by entire clans/guilds and losing flawlessed wars :sob:

and a crescent member losing to a level 53 :sob:

didn’t expect CC to still be alive!!
when is suncry vs crimson crescent part 2

When I learn how to fight and get catched up with gear
That’s for sun cry vs crimson

It also wasn’t that reason at all, the leader just at some irl issues

Yeah but to be the most evil person you will have to kill your friend

First you guys get cooked by Suncry. Then one of your goons takes one of the most embarassing Ls possible. HOW does a max level with the time to farm gear, gems, and enchants lose to a level 53. This isn’t even a skill issue anymore you just need to rethink your existence.


bro’s gonna start camping low levels at cirrus hell nah :skull:

Got none!

no matter what you do, you cannot change the fact that he got folded by a level 53, unless you specifically gank players who have 500 player kills as a low level yourself lol.

Yes that’s what I am doing right now!

is this bannable :thinking:

I know this is probably bait but I’m tempted to ping mods to know the truth


Being evil, no its not. You might just get rotten food thrown at you or something

No I’m referring to harassing low level players

I feel like you could get warned for that if you go too far

It’s scummy as is so I assume there’s some moderation related to it

Nah, its just bounty hunting

Well okay :fr:

I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Yeah i got no clue

Bro’s gonna get raided on by entire groups of clans and communities cuz that’s how much crimson crescent foddled in the past

wow u guys got the massive skill issue, imagine losing to a lvl 53

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bruh i got a LB temp banned for harassing me non-stop, the mods legit said that if he attacks me again for no good reason that he will get temp banned again, u can 100% get banned for being a dick