bait used to be believable :frcryin:
you can even see the mistakes on the player lists

just ignore this thread or ask a moderator to close it or whatever

leave him on his own delusions

The bait is crazy :sob:
but ngl I wanna fall for it
if it was the old ages

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First of all, I am Vegeta.

I wanna see how far this goes though :(((
don’t flag it (yet)


I wonder if he’ll also post when he dies to a low level too

not in the mood to report it lol

go wild

No, if someone has been hunting low level players for a week and has only killed 9 of them, you can tell that some have been killing him. You can find a lot more than 9 low level players in a few hours.

Tell that to him not me

really? I can just do this on accident cause the brig is so very big and rowboats are so small and puny

yeah i am just bad at hunting thats why

Now that I think about it, the only reason a rowboat would be rare to sink is because players who are of pvp level (IIRC pvp shield applies to ships too) would have already swapped for at least the caravel, or the very least, a sailboat, thanks to the money given to them from the repeatable quest on frostmill.

Killing 50 low levels isn’t enough if you want to be evil. you gotta raise that kill count into the ten thousands, then make sure to record and make a YT series about it too, then you must become an emperor of the sea with exclusive low level kills too (P.S make sure to be toxic about it too and say ez). Start a clan dedicated to eradicating low levels, the clan must also be 1st on the leaderboard. Do this then you shall finally only then be the most evil Arcane Odyssey player and you will be revered as the second coming of Durza.

Ship 11/25

Kill 10/50

Guys lets get a group of level 80 mages with surge with metal magic and gank him

Kill 11/50

no please dont

Light Magic*