I am StraightOuttaAngmar #1333 from the Magius Herald

Hello everyone!
I’m StraightOuttaAngmar from the Magius Herald, the only guild newspaper in all of Magius!
I report on Guild Drama, Guild Shit, Guild Wars, literally anything that’s relevant.
I want to get the Magius Herald to 100 Issues (equivalent to approximately 1.5-2 years because I may release unexpected “special editions”) AT LEAST but I also want to continue until a new game is developed by Vetex that is exciting and popular or the player counts drop below 25 players at any time (a dead game like AA). Then, I’ll do another newspaper for that game.
My newspaper is posted in the wiki discord, the guild hub, the Magius Chronicles discord (my newspaper is owned by the Magius Chronicles), and the Ebon Paragon + Imperium Order discords.
I cover all sides of the story and I maintain a high standard for the newspaper. I am completely neutral.


Cool intro but I think this is more of an advertisement then an introduction about yourself. :+1:t2:

you are poo you biased potato


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