I am very mad, rep system broken

okay first of all, if i go on a silent tower massacre and get arrested, criminal record + 1, IF I STEAL ONE FRICKING PRIVATE STORAGTE, criminal record + 1.

okay thats not even what brought me here though, if i use vastira ability on a bandit camp I GET HOSTILE BRO. okay like fine im hostile thats a bug but im hostile, OH WAIT I HAVE LIKE 20 CRIMINAL NOTICES FROM PRIVATE STORAGES (BECAUSE I WANTED TO TURN NEUTRAL FROM FRIENDLY SO I MAAKE MYSELF GO JAIL B Y STEALING PRIVATE STORAGE).

now i must spend a year as a wandering monk killing evil people for like 45 minutes to get from unfriendly -293 to neutral, might as well be the exiled’s brother

anyway the main bug i wanted to report was that destroying stuff, even like bandit camps, sometimes makes u hostile. I cant use my vast in bandit camps and thats kinda annoying ngl. but the reason I used vast in the bandit camp first of all, was because i got stuck, glitched under the ground. i shouldve just rejoined man. :frowning:

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