I cant lower my bad rep to upgrade my stuff in a town

when i get arrested my bad rep isn’t cut by half , why and how to get a lower bad rep ? every citizen are scaried of me

wanted alchemist

very hard to find

i can’t even accept their quest and it’s very hard to find quest giver because there is no bad rep town i think im gonna make another character but with good rep only

Just go to a smaller server and there should be wanted npcs everywhere.

it probably isnt going down much because of your criminal record, it has to be grinded out a lot to get rid of

Maybe you shouldn’t have blown up these little towns so much

big fat F in the chat
yeah you can’t do shit cause criminal records exist now

but how to get good rep ? i can’t farm the good rep quest now every npc is scaried

get arrested many times until you’re no longer a tyrant, then they wont be scared. after that do quests for magic council scouts/guards since they give more reputation

ok but the problem in bad rep is that i dont have so much quest to do but with good rep i have much to do its very easier to find a big quest if vetex put more thing like hidden tavern where you can found much bad rep quest it could be good to be bad rep