I DESTROYED a random rker at World of magic :fire_magic: a stupid paper


i just felt like makin an acc bc i know jrasic

i mean he particularly isnt stupid, its just rking, rking is fun

I personally disagree but meh at least the guy wasn’t ganking a low level.

low level killers belong in a special place in hell…

It is a Lego magic video game for children


I will [REDACTED] you

1v1 me prodigy math game loser

what’s wrong with prodigy math :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

bro what i havent thought about that game in years i didnt know anyone else played it

I had a little robot copper ball guy as a pet

Bro mustve been horrible if you killed him with only self explosions :sob:

lol best attack ever

self explosion spam is something you definitely do not want to rely on, trust me.

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it really isn’t

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