I don't actually know this glitches name

but you know the one that hits people with jail time when they leave for like no reason? I think it was an anti cheat thing or something.

I’m getting hit with it hard and it’s honestly kinda deterring me from really getting into the game when I feel like I have to grind my reputation back to a relatively safe spot so I don’t go under protector and lose the reputation shield. It’s literally not even the jail time that get’s me since I’m in the green, it’s the halved rep.

sorry for the rant if it just kinda seems like I’m complaining.

It is a very well-known bug that almost everyone who has actively played the game has experienced (at least as a good rep). It will be fixed next update fortunately.

knew it was well know didn’t know it was getting fixed next update else wise I wouldn’t have put up this wall of text


Yeah don’t worry it will definitely be fixed :+1: