I dont fully understand curses or primordial

Ok, so i might just be dumb, stupid and just a f*cking idiot, but i dont fully understand the concept of curses and the primordial magics, same kinda goes for lost magics.

so what i understood was that some magics have a curse with the corresponding element, first i thought that the magma curse (trigno) was an uniqe magic that only the curse user can summon, so i was kind of confused why suddenly many people in WOM had magma magic. Later i learned about mutations and found out that magma magic is a mutation. (same goes for the ash magic and ash curse.) and then i read the lore and found out there was an earth curse, absorption curse, light curse etc. but is curses just the magic we know on steroids? so yeah i dont understand lol.

So after i saw the mutaion chart:

I was confused why some magics is more common than others.
in WOM we can start with magics such as poison, magma, sand, ice etc.
but magics such as storm, mud, gravity, life and death magic are listed as either lost or primordial, even though we know some people used them in AA.
i guess the lore solution would be that “oh they just forgot about them with time” and im fine with that but i just kind of find it confusing given that wom is not THAT many years away from AA, and now that we are moving to AO we have even less years between them.

so yeah i just dont fully understand things.

(and yes i did play AA but that was some while ago when i was… well younger.)
some of the sources i used:

Sea Curses are essentially the most purest version of the magic, like it’s the very real matter you can manipulate and be one with the very element

In WoM and AO, the “mutations” you see is not a mutation anymore. Mutations only existed in the Seven Seas. The other side of the world was more magic developed with more powerful magic bloodlines because Mt. Olympus was in the location. The “mutations” you see now are now the normal magics you encounter because of the reason above.

For the Lost/Primordials, well I really don’t know tbh.

Hope that cleans up a bit of your confusion


thank you, it really helped me understand a bit more however im still kind of confused with the grand fire curses and how they are a curse and lost/primordial magics (probably should have mentioned that in the tekst

To my assumption, The Grand Fires probably had a magic variation before Prometheus secretly made the Grand Fire Curses.

All I can say really, not much known about the Grand Fires

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1131 years to be exact and most of the experience magic people were killed because of durza smh the people who knew about all this stuff in the seas that survived fucking died and the people who still are alive to this date are curse users like Pk etc.

ah shit sorry

All curses were made by Prometheus (well we assume) And the grand flame curses he made cause he wanted someone to be able to kill curse beard so he made those curses that is all property’s of his flames empowered, and if I were to explain them in a more simple way I would say all curses are basically logia devil fruits and anyone with a Promethean flame curse is an admiral or a Yonko or whatever a ruler of a sea is called

And Primordial magic is just super stronk old magic that was lost with time or the nuke duza set off

yes, basically

Not the absorption curse, it was made by Hades

we dont know that

This made me think about how shadow mutations are all op primordials except for poison

I think someone posted about it, Hades planned to create destruction by using Durza as his puppet, btw he got killed by the pk after they found out about it.

Yeah He planned to use him as a puppet with the absorption curse and making him evil and everything but it never said anything about him making the curse himself

Ima be fully honest witchu chief. I dont think vetex himself understands curses fully

sea curses and lost/primordial magics are different. A curse is an external source that when you touch it, the curse and your body combine as one. If you are a curse user, you are the magic the curse represents. So if you have the light curse, you are light. a lost/primordial magics or mutations is still an augmented magic. you summon the magic via a magic circle but you arent the element.

Curses are a physical manifestation of magic in the form of an ethereal cube. Upon somebody touching one, the curse will fuse with its new owner and they’ll become one. In turn, the user becomes unable to die of age, and his power is now more linked to his soul and stamina. A curse user’s power may dramatically rise during periods of emotional instability such as getting angry. In addition to this, (most) curses transform their owner’s essence into whatever pure element the curse embodies, and lets them turn into that specific element at will to do things like nullifying mundane physical attacks, and even flying (There are exceptions to this, such as Valencia’s Shockwave Curse and Durza’s Absorption Curse).
Every curse has a magic version, but not all magics have a curse version. Example: Magma magic has a Magma curse to correspond, but the Shockwave curse doesn’t have Shockwave magic to correspond. In turn, more types of curses than magics exist.

In the words of Trigno, from chapter 9 of the AA webcomic (https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/arcane-adventures/curse/viewer?title_no=306909&episode_no=9):

Meanwhile, you have Lost and Primordial magics. Not much has been revealed about them, just that they’re ancient magic types lost to time. The only method to obtain one is through a special scroll of its type, but it hasn’t been explained exactly how that works. We’re kinda just waiting on more info on that tbh

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