I don't understand

Why am I getting notified with all the old AA webcomics, does it have something to do with one of the new art sections or glitch?


I’m not sure, but look at this cool sword


Nice sword

That was fast



Did you dismiss the topics before hand?


if you mean dismissing the notifications, yes

Ima move this to site feedback then

Alr :nod:

Another notification for an old webcomic topic just came up, lol

:moyai: forums moment

The same thing for some reason happens to me but with likes. I would get a notification of someone liking a post of mine and then hours later getting the same notification. Definitely a forums moment

I wanna make a bet that the forums was going under an update and something happened with the notifications during the update

Edit: Yep I believe its a forum update, a forum update was added for artist users, comic and music

Yup, it’s the new subcategories. All of those topics got moved one by one, and since you are watching first posts in #art, and by extension #art:comics, you got notifications as if they were new ones because yes.

Also @StarForDays, under Preferences/Notifications there’s a “Notify when liked” setting, and the default is “When first liked and daily”, or at least that’s what mines on and I don’t remember changing it, so check that.