I feel bad

After 4 months I finnaly got myself a Sunken Sword, it’s the worst sinc eit’s hard but I feel bad since I scamed someone who had clearly no idea of it’s value for it.

They’ve learned a lesson they won’t ever forget now.

also hard :face_vomiting:

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Ik it’s shit, but since I haven’t caught a Sunken since my firs and last one 7 months ago, I still am happy

Beggars can’t be choosers.

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What ? I don’t understand


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Oh I didn’t know that expression

And I just caught a Sunken

2 Sunkens in a day my mood just went up to paradise

Share the wealth

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Huh ? What thoes that mean ?

2 sunkens in 1 day? Hand one over, let other people have the wealth of a sunken too

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I only caught one, the other I got by scamming, and I hadn’t had any sunkens for 7 months

You shall not have my Sunken.

If it helps, I don’t think lowballing someone is really scamming. I think once you start lying about the item’s value, that’s kind of when it goes into scamming territory.

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If I never mentionned it was not a good trade then it wasn’t scamming ?

Not really it’s just omission, immoral maybe but i don’t think it’s scamming personally


Eh, personally I don’t think it’s scamming if you don’t tell them whether it’s a good trade or not.


simple, just don’t learn values so you don’t know if you’re scamming somebody :smirk:

and so we can lowball you without you knowing either

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Just brilliant :3