I filled my entire ketch with crates. Here is the outcome

You don’t want to know how long this took. Seriously. I’ve developed tier 2 insanity from these accursed crates.

Feel free to guess how much I made below.
I’ll tell you if you guess right. It was from palo town to whitesummit

Arcane Odyssey economy be like

Ten hundred thousand million dollars

well i’ll take an edjucated guess. im gonna guess each crate gave like 150-200 galleons, and there were likely about 150 crates so at minimum 22.5k

Lower :wink:


I guess mordillion galleons and exp

5000 galleons

Considering crates from shell island to redwake give roughly 106 galleons, I think each crate would give about… I’d say 70 galleons per. So, considering there are probably over 100 crates there, I can sssume at least 7000 galleons. However, I think my final guess would be about 15400 galleons.


Pretty cool, too bad you get like 3 galleons after selling all of that

8500 galleons

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Oh wow I got lucky

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