I finally made new video

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Isn’t there a rule not to do that. Just asking. Also I will go check it out

idk there so many rules i keep forgetting

This is obviously the best way to speedrun Minecraft. Not even Dream can compete with this tactic!


It’s off-topic, so I assume not.

I am flabbergasted on how fast you finished this minecraft speedrun with these totally legal ways of speedrunning!

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The fuck

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[if you somehow could not tell, this is very much a joke]

you missed multiple skips in this speedrun

for example, you could have mined some mushrooms and a ladder to make a shield, which would make you break the netherite 0.01% faster, saving you 0.005 seconds.

if the nether portal you built was lit with water instead of flint and steel, you would gain access to the gpo wrong warp, which then would allow you to go into the arcane adventures portal after you gained the “extremely bored” status effect at least once (in the gpo area), which is extremely easy. this saves you 3.5 seconds.

after going into the aa portal, you can then attempt to do the first quest before gaining the “this game is broken” special weapon. this saves at least half a second.

once this happens, you will gain access to the vast realm roblox page. this will not save you time but will save you 300 robux, which will be very useful later on in the run.

once you click the buy access button on tvr, you will be teleported back to where you started your speedrun. you will then need to chop down some trees to build a house for the guide. after this, you then need to gain the celebraton mk 2 from supreme calamitas. then grab exactly 420 mini nuke 3s from the steampunker, then build a hellevator for the guide to then summon the entire thorium mod. after defeating them, you should be teleported to the end. this will save you 0.002 seconds.

you can then use the 300 robux you saved to buy the command block gamepass which costs exactly 300 robux to buy. you can then place it down and set the command (avoiding pinging somebody) “/kill @ e [type=ender_dragon]”, this will save a huge 1 second. after that you can jump into the end city portal and call off time.

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why does maple always sound like they’re both bored of existing and always speaking in lowercase

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but i do speak in lowercase