I finished the marineford arc in op

even when i already got spoiled with what happens i still had liquid come out my eyes

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Nice. How is your plan on finishing the anime.

Screenshot 2020-12-22 023040
goin pretty well rn, breezed through 48 episodes in 2 days

You must have a lot of time. You on break or something?

yup i am on break, so i dont have any slowdowns that makes me watch like 1 - 3 episodes per day


We’re pretty close, I’m in Impel Down right now. I watched about 15 episodes which is not healthy but I couldn’t sleep so I just watched more

don’t get spoiled
you got a whole lot of pain coming up

You are honestly doing really good took me 1 or 2 months to get to dressrosa, good luck on this

the anime didn’t do the manga justice
read the manga :-3

daaamn you got a whole ass plan laid out i’m on ep 410 rn

Wait till you get to Wano arc, the cliffhangers are excruciating.

anyways chapter 1000 of OP is coming out on my birthday
what an awesome way to start off 2021
im out here reading the manga and speculating what will happen in ch 1000