I found a lurker

Bro did 600 dmg a bite

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Damn, thats the first time I see a wild whirlpool


Aye more wild lurkers.

If I’m not misremembering, I once saw a Lurker with no whirlpool, near Thorin’s Refuge. Maybe the whirlpool just despawned before it could, though.

What’s a lurker

Shark that can spawn under a whirlpool.

never seen one in 250 hors of gameplay

Ive seen 2 lurkers so far and one dropped “Lurkers Eye”

how do you even find them ive been in whirlpools like 5 times now and theres none

Idk man but it only works in spawning whirlpools for some reason and not perm whirlpools such as the Harvest island one

even in naturally spawning whirlpools

You get sucked in one then there is a chance one will spawn

And sometimes, the Lurker sticks around longer than the whirlpool. Which is how I now have a lurker eye.

Okay, I’ll be buying that.

Ok, I’ll be buying that.

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