I found my problem with PvP

Mages? okay i guess
Conjurer? Zone like hell and I should be fine
Fighting Styles, is the problem

I keep getting hit by the “shot” skill, which looks like a pretty big beam.
and “crash”, which is worse. A huge explosion as big as an ult-sphere explosion, am I even supposed to dodge it.

Aaand of course, my spiking ping. Which jumps from 90 to 300 without me even realizing it.(not important)

Here’s reference:

sometimes W+W+Space and Leap Spell don’t work as well, I’m going to need advice for it.
Pressing some buttons doesn’t respond…
Plz I need help. Give me anything you think is relevant.

Edit: I meant smash, not crash

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skill issue, crash is easy to avoid unless they are using thermo fist/boxing or iron leg(the crash on thermo fist is too fast to dodge, you have to parry, and the crash on iron leg is just so big you better block it)

1st: The guy in the video didn’t land a single crash(mostly because he’s thermo magma)
The real problem is the crash+smash that he’s doing. Dash away if you can after a crash.

2nd: Your a mage. Try to stay as far away as possible before he has a chance to use a shot on you. Punish his shot and smash as much as you can with blasts.

He used a copy and paste combo the ENTIRE match. You had a lot of chances to punish him, because every time he used crash, he always followed with smash. He rarely used shot.

or sry i meant smash(but crash, i guess it’s pretty uh… skill issue i admit)
thx for the info!

If it’s smash, if I were you I would just absolutely ravage him every time he uses it. Go in there and spam literally every attack you’ve got. Start off with snare, it’s a combo starter, and hit him with a blast and a self explosion.

If I were you, I’d keep a shockwave explosion on me for that situation, too.

I may be just being a keyboard nerd but…
assuming he uses a crash/rushdown + smash + shot + crash combo what can i do

btw the guy has 200 horus and 900 pks(which i think is pretty unusual)

The enemy you were fighting CONSISTENTLY used smash. Punish it.

he’s thermo magma

How to fix your issues in pvp:

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Blocking an extremely punishable attack is like being homeless and declining 300 dollars. It’s just stupid. Unless your gonna die, tank the damage and snare combo his ahh.

Ohhhh key… you misunderstood what I meant when I posted the g button.

I wasn’t talking about blocking

I was talking about


Negate the damage
follow up with immediate punish
reap the benefits

All blocking does is make fighting glass canons less unbearable.

Convert to using timing to make even the strongest of attacks deal less damage than a frost brigand stab.

I’m gonna put it into straight-forward terms here, you’ve improved on your air shots but that’s probably because the used shape here is fist + decent speed stat from shadow BUT IT’S STILL GOOD.

You randomly used self-explosion as a SHADOW MAGE, that’s one factor for losing though not too big.

You failed to punish his smashes that he missed while being far away from you, you can punish him so by using blast + beam and considering the speed factor of the fist shape it’d be easy + shadow AoE is decent.

You were mostly hit by his shot on the ground, unsure if he sucks at air shot-SHOT, it really depends on the situation though.

You could’ve won had you punished his smash skill, that’s mostly the general thing you could’ve done and if you didn’t do that random explosion spell, others are pretty minor like poor positioning and what not but i’m not gonna bother since it’s really just a small mistake.

And maybe implement your air time more wisely? again up to you it really depends on your playstyle.

was 9090 drill, which i swapped from sword when i discovered there’s not much speed difference.

wrong button xd

plz explain

originally i was planning to do
T jump + Q blast + Leap Spell + Q blast.
Instead i got
T jump + Q blast + leap doesnt react/charges on it’s own even though im not holding down the key as I land on the ground.

kinda guessed when i saw the picture.
so i was supposed to not dodge eh…

Simply put, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I understand what you mean, because I experience it too. I bet its because of ur keyboard. Some keyboards only register two keys at the same time, mine one of them :skull: .

I’m using a f***ing rainbow glowing keyboard lol
(no toxity for swear words)

O ok, nvm. I use a keyboard with thread for wires, so that’s just me.