I got Admired!

Yesterday, I had a hotdog for lunch. The hot dog was slightly browned, but it had a line in the middle of it that cut open when it was cooking. When I analyzed this hotdog, I discovered something within myself. I wanted to eat that hotdog, and there was nothing wrong about feeling that way. When I took one last glance at that hotdog, I could tell that it was looking straight back at me. I could hear it saying, “Yes, do it.” In the back of my mind I was saying, “Is this hotdog really giving me permission to eat it right now?”

I then realized something else. That hotdog came in a pack of 16, and I was taking it away from its family to fulfill my selfish need of hunger. Even after all that, the hotdog gave me permission to eat it? Do you know what I did? I cried so hard, but I gobbled down that hotdog like the world was coming to an end. I looked at my plate filled with bread crumbs, and it reminded me of that hotdog. I smiled while thanking the hotdog for its service, and then I ate another one.

What am I getting at it here? Well, I’m not really sure. Are we sure about anything? Is life meaningless, is it meaningful, is it… a hotdog. We humans may never know, but I know about one thing. I would do it again Thanks for Admired!!! :poggerfish:


next badge is opening that door

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fuck you

im gonna get that badge…
just you wait when ao drops…