I got assaulted in WoM

mans bout to get bullied by every sunken sword

But not rn I got no pc

i am not mentally prepared for pvp atm

hell yeah

only if they commit far more amounts of clownery. they dont seem to be 100% (closer to 95) in the wrong here so I wouldn’t bother with them for now

Still the idea of paying for friends. Shit isn’t onlyfans

what I would’ve done is gotten on my metal file, waited for them to get close to the boss, then do the 20 blast air cheese on him before they can do shit

Stars is the tyrant, he uses moonlight on that file
(This is why the funny events we did were useful)


oh wow a necrobump

this is why I don’t boss drop hunt and instead just random kill positive reps

Okay, I don’t mean to necrobump, but
I remember this happening, that’s cause I was one of the people in the boss farming group. (Winter)
It was more of a 2v1 because I never attacked you. I don’t pvp.
I don’t think I had anything against you joining, I’m pretty sure it was the other people.
We had been boss farming the past few hours at least, and both I and one of the others hadn’t gotten a single drop. I didn’t really complain much, but it was understandable why the other guy was annoyed. I don’t recall everything that happened, or if I have a screenshot, just know that I’m only implicated in this coincidentally.

ive seen brett auburn

by any chance was it one of those “jesus vs the devil” images :no_mouth:

i dont know and i dont care
there are heaps of qr code account grabbers