I got banned

why are the first 3 flagged?

I mean I got banned for insulting a hacker once but still roblox moderation continues to surprise me


I mean tbf lick my balls last time I checked was nsfw

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I kinda understand 2 of the others, but the first 3 are stupid and “OH” being “sexual content”??? Bro wth

I think Roblox moderation bot tries to connect each message trying to make it look sensible but it just ends up failing. Last time I typed in a sentence it gave me words that were somewhat connected to the sentence to make it sound more truthful and understanding why the ban happened but its just rubbing in random sentences that don’t apply really apply.

The word it thought of was prolly Grief/weirdos/balls

Roblox possibly tried connecting those words to make it sound “positive” for the punishment to happen. But Roblox might literally be using the definitions on google.

Grief: A term for deep sorrow by a death of some sort
Weirdo: A term for eccentric
Balls: You know

And it probably tried connecting those words like some guy who was eccentrically licking balls until you die or something. Thats really the only reasonable connection I can see so it was seen as Sexual Content.

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for real :sob:

lick my balls just made the other ones be taken out of context (as if roblox moderation used context anyway)

“Lol weirdos” officially sexual

Fr, I got banned for 3 days once for saying “Killed” and “Yourself” 5-10 minutes apart
(That happened in jailbreak)