I got bored so I climbed the top of Mount Othrys before my Awakening

here’s what you can find at the top of Mount Othrys (and I mean the Mountains themselves) this is techincally halfway through the mountain but pretty cool

Yeah. I saw that while looking for the snowman egg during the easter event.

so…who could that be?

He’s taking a nap :shushing_face:

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Iris’s dad

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he’s dead…?

someone didn’t get the joke :sob:

Mf attempt to climb mount everest :skull:

just saying, and idc if it’s a joke

You honestly can’t convince me that this “frostbite” character is real because these responses are literally so out of pocket

blud CANNOT take a joke

We might have a GPT4-chan situation on our hands… :robot: :fearful:

I know it’s a joke I just don’t care :skull:

Can someone call tech support cuz this AI is malfunctioning smh

ok enough bro

fr bro