I got fooled into thinking Permadeath got added into Far Reaches of Dark Sea

Damn, any legendary weapons that will be in the Dark Sea are gonna be really, REALLY valuable…

Edit: I may be retarded
Edit 2: I AM retarded


I thought this was Arch trying to trick more people, not a victim of him :sob:


Arch is secretly a AO dev


is this not permadeath?

ao would be so cool if it kept its mechanics but had deepwokens style n direction its a much cooler game stylistically i thinksies ryan kinda lame sometimes its okay tho i love him

i dont get it. can someone explain

I got worried for around a minute then I checked and it wasnt there

It’s a fake trello image. There’s no permadeath.

The 2 stages of grief:

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I mean it would be cool if this was a feature without the file deletion

the entire feature itself is basically permadeath

nothing is good about it

nononono that’s not what I’m talking about
I’m thinking dying in the dark seas will send you to an insanity world that you must escape
there a dark self of you follows you and you must escape without it catching up to you (if it catches up, you will restart and the insanity text frequency increases even more)
you can’t use your magic nor weapons
the insanity text will keep on covering your screen
when you get out your character will be low on hp and be sweating profusely

Thanks for the clarification, but I still don’t really see any purpose in something like that. There’s not much benefit to it, and it kind of just seems like a jail but for insane people (an
asylum, basically)

Who made the Fake image tho

the funny part about this is that one of my friends plays deepwoken a lot and he said that this feature would fucking suck
main reason being that making an AO build takes a long time and always takes a long time since you’re probably replaying the same story over and over again

long-term progression and permadeath should never go together, your friend is absolutely right here.

it also kinda feels like deepwoken developers are making the time it takes to go from power 1 to a mostly maxed build shorter and shorter with each update