I got interchange reagent lol

this somehow made its way into my inventory, i legitimately didnt see the collect notif
prob cause of luck 3 from mystery cauldron




Bro’s gonna be swimming in sunkens and seasonals


seasonals more like POOP…
i already have the sunkens i wanted too so

touch some grass

i got one myself from a common bag but i got all the seasonals i want, idc about headless

so its just bragging rights for me : )

that a joke , bring me a video

Lol where did u get that clover?

wait we can go into the dark sea now?
Edit: ahh wait u got that from a chest xd

dont have a video but i got the leftover potion

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UPDATE!!! i got another, the previous one i brewed into a cauldron potion and shared with 2 friends

wonder what its drop chance, im guessing higher than 1% since around 5 ( most likely more ) people found one already.

A friend found one of these too.

The fact these are being found without entering the dark sea is quite interesting.

casually gets two fucking legendary items that can be used to scam dumb people into giving him a full sunken set

I want to know the lore behind these. The fact it’s related to Prometheus, and how the name “acrimony” seems to have two meanings:
Meaning 1:

Meaning 2:

I suspect that it’s more based off how this particular flower way said to have medical effects, but that word in english intrigues me. Since it hails from the dark seas, and in this world, Prometheus gave humans magic and was responsible for curses, this could be a sort of apology gift from Prometheus himself for the utter destruction he caused by giving humans magic and curses, sparking violence. Maybe it’s the other way around, referring to how Prometheus gave humans magic, albeit for the price of Aurem, more fitting of the idea of the flower meaning thankfulness or gratitude. After all, you reset your powers to start anew, as if you were a blank slate.

u cant get a headless for that though

nah hundreds of people are finding them

when is it my turn.

people have supposedly offered headless for it, dont take my word for it i was only told that

Tbh i got jump scared from the voice in the end of the video