I got ripped off of a headless head (got another one back)

I traded the headless head for a hard sunken sword before i knew its value, is there anything I can do to get it back?

Well no, you didn’t get scammed.

that just sucks for you

indeed it does

bro that’s your fault

Well I would say that it was basically a scam since if we are looking at the items here the sunken is something that you can get any time though it might be difficult while Headless is something that anyone can never gain again so there’s only a limited supply. Also don’t forget as time progresses the value of the item grows every month causing it to be an item that will be far more valuable in the future. Though he did initially accept, it would still slightly be a considered a scam since he did a trade that he didn’t know the value of his item while the other person did.

A scam means he was tricked in some way, he wholeheartedly accepted the trade.


They should’ve done their research. They knew what item they were trading and what item they would receive.

Maybe do research first?


my game has an issue of crashing at the worst time so I had to do it quick before it did and i’ve been trying to get a sunken sword for so damn long so when I saw someone who would accept I jumped so yea it is my fault but I was surprised and exited

It’s not scamming guys. It’s called a rip off, a trade in which you lose or gain a lot of net profit, with or without knowledge of the value of the item.

Scamming means you outright trick them into accepting your offer by providing false info or not fulfilling your end of the deal.


welp rip, tho atleast it wasnt that big of a rip off, a hard sunken sword is still pretty valuable and decent in pvp

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You didn’t get scammed, just didn’t know the value of the item and traded it because you thought it was worth it. Scamming is usually deception and tricking the person.
Like, “Hey, that item is just vanity, not worth anything, but I’m willing to give you this that can do that and that and it’s much better… trust me”.
Nevermind Meta explained it better.

The upgrading tier cap is probably only going to last to level 200 for sunken items. the headless lasts forever and gains value over time. In conclusion, keep your seasonals.

Caps off at level 100 with AO scaling.

Just find someone that would trade a headless for the sword :man_shrugging:

idk if anyone else is an idiot like i am lol

I literally traded a guy a oathkeeper for a headless

ok then im not the only idiot