I got scammed by merchant

So i sold most of my items to food merchant for a BUNCH of galleons but when i sold them i got no galleons and my items were taken… any help???

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Site Feedback is for the Forums itself, not game discussion. .


I assume this happened because you pressed “No” when the game warned you about the shopkeep not having enough Galleons.

The reason this still happens forgets me but, essentially pressing “No” will make the game go through with selling stuff. And not give any Galleons in return while also still taking your items. Since it can’t back out/undo the process or whatever.

Once this happens it’s fully gone through with nothing really being able to done about it. They’re just gone now. .

womp womp

k but i clicked yes however its ok i guess

I’ll move this to bugs or game discussion

he had 3k left