I had a dream of AO

Yes I had a dream of AO while I was sleeping and for some reason, trigno was a boss battle but had the moves of verdies and in the dream, I saw this island while in sky island.

That’s all I have to say



its probably not healthy to dream about playing roblox honestly


Feels like a sign to take a break from the forum buddy, wish you luck on your road to recovery.

didn’t expect to see trigno and verdies roleswap today

I indeed need recovery :pensive:

i got tester ( dream) and it was big island

my dreams leak to much

I had a dream about skating in summer hold once that was cool

I had another unhealthy one were vetexgames added those 1/20k legendary weapons and I mauled them to death cuz they were frozen only to drop down from the sky after respawn at some ice shitter place near this desert place and about 8 chasing me with weapons but I left no combat log
the fumming

and had this goofy rainbow looking long hat that broke and went through my avatar


dude i think you need to take a break from the forum for a bit that is not healthy lol

Have u considered help

i had a dream long time ago where npcs had very realistic AI, emotions and behavior (I didnt killed them (i think))

Including this makes me think you killed them

btw they were bandits (or dark wizards)

to bad it’s just a dream I forgor


I gotta touch grass
I had a small dream that I was pvping in AO and I was good with that exiled thrust move thing and I shredded something with Q + Thrust move + Gun
that’s all

that was the sweetest combo I’ve seen

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you really need to go outside rn

also had another dream few months ago that vetexgames turned World of Magics release into some valentines game islands 2 :skull: