I had a go at Art

Let me just reiterate. I DO NOT have the artist role. I DO NOT MAKE ART ON A BASIS (In fact, this is the first time I genuinely tried to make art). I just had some time on my hands.
Let me know what you think.

It’s very basic, and in no way will I apply for the artist role for a piece of trash like this. I think I’ll stick with writing. (I can’t even say that cuz I don’t have seasoned writer)
My source of inspiration? Propaganda posters. (Especially the communist ones and ww2 era ones)


Communist… I expected them to become fascist (isn’t economic crisis= rise in fascism?)

kid named 1917 russia

second revolution i see this year, shit is happening

No way your said thats trash :sob:

For a first time this is actually pretty good

Historically crises lead to a rise in extremist views such as Communism or Fascism or even more extreme than that.

what you mean by second.

pretty simple but still good, i would try and add more detail (but thats just me)

yeah I’ve been playing around.