I had the strangest dream

Basically, I was in a grocery store, and I was shopping for olive oil, but for some reason all of the olive oil was replaced with some weird synthetic substitute.

So I didn’t buy anything, and I went home, and the wallpaper in my house had moving mouths that whispered things to me, I don’t remember what.

And then I went to play WoM, in which my shadow magic was turning into some green liquid, and I realized it was acid out of nowhere, suddenly, someone was knocking on the front door, and when I looked who it was, it was some strange man in a black trenchcoat with a covid mask on.

and then my house started melting.

what does it mean??

Huh there seems like a weird pattern of things turning into a weird liquid and it seems like it has relation to toxic things?..

You spend too much time online :sleeper:

bruh how like 80% of the dream was me in the supermarket

Whenever I dream, I usually go back to this

it means you had a dream, stop trying to derive sense from it. being senseless is like, its whole thing

also if u dream abt playing wom maybe u should stop that cant be healthy


I played for 10 minutes in the dream bruh :sob:

thats still 20% of a dream on wom which is more than i can say ive ever had

well there was also 15% of the house melting and the man

thats still 5% of a dream on wom which is more than i can say ive ever had

lemme guess ur like 0% WoM??

of course that’s gonna always be more unless I got negative percents somehow


me with the most boring-ass dreams: :frcryin:

average a_nerd dream:

“uhm actually scary sleep monster demon you are just my brain processing memories and thus do not exist and cannot hurt me :nerd::nerd:

This was actually just a Discord username I used for a bit, I’m not really that smart.

(Yes, I know you were being jocular.)

But, I think the one dream I remember vividly was when I woke up in a car, looked outside, and saw buildings burning. I turnt to the trunk window of the car and saw some zombie standing around. I tried sitting down so it wouldn’t see me, but looked up just once to see said zombie walking right towards the car. Weirdly, I was able to realize that it was a dream and tried waking up. My eyes felt extremely heavy for some reason, like I was trying to lift a two-ton boulder, but I was particularly terrified of my eyes closing and me falling asleep again.

(don’t remember what happened next tho)

Last Night I dreamed about building a secret spaceship to go to mars for the Thunderhead. And then a bunch of scythes came to stop me and I killed a few and told the rest to get lost.

It was based off this book

Scythe | Book by Neal Shusterman | Official Publisher Page | Simon &  Schuster

which I read like 4 years ago