I Hate Sleeping

this is a nonsensical post, give me likes

Before you shout at me the question: “hurDurr how can you haet sleeping? sleeping is great, everyone does it”

Well, everyone goes to the toilet and that’s not great, is it?
wow that was a horrible example to support my point.

The thing that really gets me about sleeping, is that we spend a third of our lives doing it.

Am I the only person who gets depressed, thinking about that?
All the things I could’ve done and seen during that time.

“but you just spend your time, lurking around a dead forum and play Bad Business1!”
Shut up, nuisance.
Okay, so maybe what you said was true; but I do like to think that I would, y’know…
do something else.

How about all these big companies develop a tablet that never lets you sleep?
Yes, this was a joke. It would be physically and biologically impossible to develop such a compound. But that never stopped the government from making bizzare and wacky stuff.

The other thing that pisses me off about sleeping is that,

  • you have too much and then feel terrible; or
  • you have too little and then feel terrible.

Or is that just me? Is there something wrong with the way I sleep?

Sounds like a you problem

no shit sherlock


I decided to read a little and…

wth is this??? The time spent sleeping is the best time since you just dont need to think about your responsibilites or just anything to stress you out it disconnects you from the world and you can just relax sleeping is amazing, if we functioned without sleeping that would be extremely chaotic and just terrible.


Bold of you to assume I understand fancy words like that, I only have 1 and a half working braincells left.