I have 5K smoke arrows, buying stuff you can offer

Make an offer, don’t ask me “how much will you buy”. Ty

hard dull power amulet for 700 smokes

I have strong cobalt wizard robe for 650 smoke arrow

you like look you need some smoke arrows

you are high bro. no thank you

Not looking for this, already got one. Thank you

Dm me Zid#6909 I have many

A black bursting valk for 120 smoke arrows?

you want crowns? got thousands

You can only have 700.

Alt storage slots are a thing.

Oh. But still Smoke arrows are way better.

strong green wizard hat for 170 smoke arrows

don’t need crowns, thanks.

I asked for offers but aight chief.

Altho the price is good, i am not looking for a valk since i have pretty much alot of them.

You got more wizard gear? Or just the hat?

i only have the hat sorry

Join me in game: driss10, for the trade

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