I have Achieved v1.14's Max Atk Spd (From what ik.)

I’ll make a video later tmr using Light Magic (cause what else is the best representation of Atk Spd?), and dear goodness were Brisk Enchants hard to get.


now get the max of every other stat

Now put it on a light warlock

What the hell

holy shit, imagine this with any other class :frcryin:

bro how do you get exotic armors with the triple gem slots???

its theurgist items with darksea enchants which increase rarity by +1

wait wait wait, are the jewel slots coming from the darksea enchants or theurgist armor?

just theurgist armor has 3 jewel slots.

which is its only buff since it only gives attack speed and warding making it not very viable with only 2 slots.

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ah i see

i just realized i can get, not 100%, not 200%

but 280% knockback :pray:

by dark sea enchants im going to assume you meant tier 2 enchants and not insanity/atlanthean thing?

only 209 attack size or 200 intensity


Metal going Mach 3

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Not wrong, but i don’t have a Metal Mage atm.

Rendering has now started, and i have spent a good 6 hours or so editing.


I’ll post it in Cursed WoMents/Arcane Oddities, and link it back here to have a discussion if one so wishes.



oh my gyat

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this is a fantastic video
Wasn’t expecting something nearly this thorough, but this is a really good showcase of which abilities are improved (or not) by attack speed, and by how much.

Kinda curious to see a couple of the abilities you missed (like multi-explosion or javelin), and would love to see a similar video for Magic Size.

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