I have boredom

I have now been hit with a case of extreme boredom.

  • Games are uninteresting.
  • I’ve read most of the books I want to read.
  • Not interested in watching anime/YouTube.
  • I barely play Roblox while waiting for AO.
  • Riddles, something that I usually enjoy, no longer help.

Anybody got something for me to do?

Um read manga or manhwa?
or play with your pet dog i guess?
or just do your workouts with music,it will be much more better to do.
OR you could just create your own music might be fun in trying.

get a hobby, like gardening or drawing

if you still want to do things on roblox, try scripting games or building maps

  • Axiom verge
  • Superhot
  • Portal 2
  • Satisfactory

I have an addiction…

  • Kurzgesagt
  • CGP Grey
  • Mark Rober
  • LastWeekTonight (only the old stuff)
  • SNL
  • The Onion
  • TED-Ed
  • Brian David Gilbert
  • Dani
  • Ryan George
  • MattColbo
  • Overly Sarcastic Productions
  • Internet Historian
  • Hbomberguy
  • Up is not jump
  • OverSimplified
  • Tomska
  • Captain Dissillusion

I don’t really read many books

  • Bartimaeus Trilogy
  • In the Shadow of the Banyan
  • Edgar Allen Poe’s stuff
  • Starscape
  • Dawn of Aurora
  • Framed
  • In Plain Sight
  • Knife Ability Test
  • be dead forever simulator

idk any riddles


open chests in wom trust me it is very fun

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Play some board games with your friends/family, nothing makes you more miserable than losing a game of chess

If you’re already bored might as well go study.

Worst case scenario, other stuff becomes interesting again.

Look outside, there should be something lovely if you explore outside (Wear a mask though)

If you read webnovels, try Omniscient Reader’s VIewpoint. Its a pretty good webnovel for me at least

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ahem brother have you read solo leveling?

im tired of that too


There’s a terrifying web series called Uncle Samsonite, it’s about a love craftian uncle who visits children at night and makes them dance, it also has an extreme fear to off brand soda and it loves to twerk

yes i have