I have come for advice on how to get ideal qt 3.14 gfd

She is always offering me gifts like deodorant and breath mints :heart_eyes:, so clearly she is into me. She also becomes really quiet and distant whenever I approach her (clearly she is nervous in the presence of a superior sigma male) just like my favourite uwu shy anime girl waifu Shinobu Oshino!! (she’s 500 years old I promise). Anyways she always plays hard to get by always trying to leave so clearly she is into me! I think she plays music (?) i don’t really care shes hot anyways what do I do to take it to the next level?


Rake what drugs are you taking, you should stop right now.
(unless your cute gf is tobi :heart_eyes: )

These are clear signs that she wants you to come over, and would love if you paid a visit. I suggest you surprise one day by secretly following her home, hiding in her ventilation system, taking pictures of her while she sleeps and showing her the next day. She’ll definitely cry tears of joy by seeing how much you care about her.


How did you know??

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break week (if you know you know)