I have come to the conclusion that deepwoken has a lot of down bad players

As soon as i type in deepwoken into the twitter search bar i find nsfw of the big ass owl what it’s called and the big ass spider (idk I don’t play deepwoken)

This also applies having deepwoken players having you know…

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wait til you see celtors i mean what

Yeah i’ve already seen it :sleeper:

:sleeper: man


i know this is probably hopefully satire but damn

on second thought i remember that one time people suggested adding boobs and s3x in WoM so eh


dw and ao are similar yet different
its hard af to explain but you really do get different vibes playing either

and beef comes from both sides daily bro its crazy both sides need to chill the fuck out

no one dare bring in oh the other community started it first. dont act like yall some superiors that’ll have the best game ever


Would going to Deepwoken forums and starting a fire be ok?

don’t raid other communities

I know this is a joke but this man is down :infinity: for even being able to think about that :skull:

What if i tell you, that we genderbend all wom charaters, maked jacko pose iris, maked “that cursed image” and theres even a guy who made wom rule 34

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yeah sounds like the WoM community to me

What im trying to say is
Roblox game communitys are bullshi


Ik it was a joke
I am very nice, not naughty.

wait hol on when ?

Queen david silver, femtaur, i dont even remember if a “femexiled” exists but it prob exists

god damn y’all unlucky

this is why I don’t use twitter


It does, just search it up and you’ll find some.

I have a bad feeling about this

What’s with Roblox players in MMOs/RPGs and being down bad?