I have found it

I have found

The Block


The Parry


The Dodge


And whatever this thing is



Noticing that all AO players have temporarily migrated to voxlblade

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dodge mechanics are goated tho ngl

pilgrammed can be the block, parry, and dodge

I tried voxlblade
I didn’t understand anything


Don’t think I’ll play it at all
Game looks nice but how can I enjoy it without understanding anything

played it, it’s alright but yeah i don’t understand anything and the character customisation is literally just like a child glued some lego bricks together

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I like Voxlblade, it just takes a while to get used to, looking at the trello helps slightly.


Arcane Odyssey
And Voxlblade

Best games so far on Roblox :pray:
Just because these are my three top priority games

and I don’t know about pilgrammed
Remove parry from deepwoken

Rechange it to Vent (The blue thing that pushes people back)
and put parry in pilgram cuz parrying relies so much harder than deepwokens :sob:
(Deepwoken you can usually kill NPCS without parrying but pilgram you’re dealing with ranged npcs 80% of the time aghh)

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rather harmless
rather harmful

You know what

If somebody here can help me learn voxl then I’ll play it

just go to new areas and do the quests there i guess

just kill stuff untill you are level 70, than try going to the main quest