I have found the A.I god

I have found him. The A.I god.

He’s smarter, maybe 2 or 3 times smarter than the usual npcs. If it wasn’t for the fact he was just an underleveled commissioner with no armor, I would’ve been killed instantly, since he was assisted by the multicast bug as well, he even utilized in a way most npcs wouldn’t.

Unaffected by bad pathfinding or weird player positions, He is unbroken.

Here’s some footage of me fighting the A.I god: (he is the lightning npc)

Testing him, dodging, etc.




Death of the AI god


It was a good fight. I wish he had more health and dealt more damage, he was even better than some players, while yes he was using 20 barrages, but it seemed like he knew he had the advantage of that bug.

He is unbroken. If he ever spawns as a captain, or even the king, Run. It might not help, but at least you’ll have a chance.



Even as the terrain around him regenerated, his body remained

Rest in peace, A.I god. May you return to us one day.



This is why I never give NPCs a chance to win. You take pot shots with arrows and spears, and you kite the commissioner out of the silent tower.

Once they get out they have like, 50 health. You kill them to death. You get away with no bounty. Life is good, because you just assassinated another mid ranking member of the Magic Council.

what gonna be next ai god reencarnation?

Yeah but most of the comissioners act like every single other npc, they are still really easy to kill, almost as easy as any normal lvl 40+ guard

but this one was different.

If it’s gonna be the king or a captain, no one will be able to defeat it, especially if it will still have the multicast bug in its arsenal

I wish we could see this type of ai more often but it was made by a glitch so the chances of this happening are slim also the fact it can hit you even though you spamming a and d is really surprising.


Yeah i’m telling you, it’s the fucking A.I god.

That npc knew how to fight, even utilized the glitch in a way no other npc would.

He didn’t just spam 20 blast 20 times a second, oh no no no, he maybe did it twice, placed a few explosions on me and then tried to DODGE WHILE CASTING WITH HIGH JUMPS!!!


Sad part is this might be the only encounter we will ever get of him.

There might be others who meet this kind of npc, but they sadly kill it before it manages to show its full power, or they brush it off as ‘‘ugh another bugged npc’’

But did you see how he moved too though? He jumped on ledges, fires a barrage from there, jumped off, jumped into a tree and used a barrage IN THE AIR, INSIDE OF THE LEAVES USING THEM AS CAMOUFLAGE.

This fight was so fucking cool

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If Vetex finds a way to replicate something like this I would wan’t him to add it to a boss, would make the fight 10 times more entertaining and not a boring chore of spamming self explosions and great spin.

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God damn it.

I should’ve checked the console to see if there were any errors, maybe it would help in replicating this npc

wa not

don’t you always get a bounty for killing a member of the magic council?

if the a.i reincarnates in King David Silver

You were visibly in a small server so that probably helped him a lot since less lag

The video had trouble playing on my PC, so I took all of the clips and made a youtube video (youtube has more optimizations).


Not always. I found that if your reputation is unfriendly or above, you can generally kill them in the woods and get away with it.

can vetex just releasse the update already

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can you wait for more than 2 weeks already

A month past since the last update .-.

Vetex said this update is a small update but it took longer than the fishing update wha